Blake Smith

Blake Smith, Communications & PR, WOWC

Blake has a typical Brooklyn to Burbs story - after some guidance from friends, and many weekend drives around New Jersey, her and her husband landed in West Orange 17 (!!) years ago.

At the time she was working in television for NBC, but continued her work with companies like Viacom, Oxygen and Mount Sinai and people like the delightful Nate Berkus. She became instantly involved in her lower Gregory/Hazel Ave School neighborhood, participating in the PTA, helping out at the Hazel garden (and teaching a few gardening classes too). She loves having a garden of her own in West Orange, tries to go hiking at least a few times a week, and her favorite place to read is the Ginny Duenkel pool. She adopted 2 pandemic kitties & has 2 teens in WOHS. She’s an avid TV fan and has a spreadsheet to prove it.

Currently Blake works as a Marketing, Communications & Design consultant and is also an award-winning local real estate agent. She has an MFA in Design from Parsons School of Design, a Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing from Rutgers and a BA in English from Western Carolina University. From the time she moved to West Orange, it has been her mission to spread the word about how great this town is (and bring as many Brooklyn peeps here as possible)!

She got roped into joining the WO Women’s Club (in 2020?) by some local lady friends, and even through the weirdness of the pandemic, has enjoyed the connections she’s made (and is so glad she joined!). She loves watching the group grow and navigate the process of building back a bigger, stronger, more robust and active Women’s Club in our town. She is thrilled to be working on marketing, communications & PR for the group and her goal is to spread the word as wide and as beautifully as possible. She can’t wait to rope some of her friends and neighbors into joining (wink wink), and she’s invigorated by the energy of this group. She loves giving back to the community and there’s nothing better than doing it with other women.

It would make her very happy if you like, follow, share and sign up for membership with the WOWC! (Bring a friend!)

If you’d like to get in touch with Blake, email her at