Light Up West Orange

2021 Winners!
Over the Top: “Toys and Candy Canes” at 5 Overlook Avenue

Unexpected category: “Candyland” at 7 Devon Drive

Catalog-Worthy: “Santa and Friends” at 4 Overlook Avenue

The West Orange Women’s Club proudly organized this event for the second year in a row to help raise money for a specific cause. This year our beneficiary is the Holy Trinity Food Pantry, which we support all year long through food drives and volunteers. However, we know that organizations like the Food Pantry often get an influx of support leading up to the holidays then see a drop-off once the New Year arrives, so we wanted to provide funds to help them during a slower period. We are happy to announce that our West Orange community is as generous as ever and we raised over $600 through contest registrations and donations!

We had 24 registrations and over 120 members of our community cast votes for each category. Congratulations to our winners - they will receive certificates and a small award! All 3 homes are located in the Gregory neighborhood – we hope that knowledge will drive some friendly competition among other neighborhoods next year! We so appreciate everyone who registered and allowed our townsfolk to enjoy your creativity and hard work, bringing some LIGHT to West Orange on these darker nights and challenging times. Thank you for supporting the West Orange Women’s Club and especially your support of the Holy Trinity Food Pantry! We look forward to doing it all again next year!

Light Up West Orange 2021 has now ended! Thank you for participating!

Can NASA see your house from the Space Station? Is your electricity bill rivaling your mortgage? Are the Griswolds calling you for advice? You are:

Over the Top

Is there an elf peeking from behind the bushes? Do people drive by your house then turn back to take a second look? Do you make a spreadsheet to track your cleverly placed decorations? You are:


Have you channeled your inner Martha? Do people stop in front of your home to take their Holiday card picture? Does your house have its own Instagram page? You are: