Light Up West Orange

Thank you for a wonderful Light Up West Orange 2022!

Please encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to cast their votes for the best decorated houses this year. All residents are encouraged to participate in this annual event.  Voting will continue until after the holidays until Friday January 7, 2023. Winners will be announced Saturday January 8, 2023. A gift card to a West Orange restaurant will be awarded to one winner from each of the three groups: 

1) Catalog Worthy  

2) The Unexpected  

 3) Over The Top

You're also welcome to make a donation without participating in the event. We appreciate your support!

Happy decorating and Let's get busy Lighting Up West Orange!

Can NASA see your house from the Space Station? Is your electricity bill rivaling your mortgage? Are the Griswolds calling you for advice? You are:

 Over the Top

Is there an elf peeking from behind the bushes? Do people drive by your house then turn back to take a second look? Do you make a spreadsheet to track your cleverly placed decorations? You are:


Have you channeled your inner Martha? Do people stop in front of your home to take their Holiday card picture? Does your house have its own Instagram page? You are: